Ui5Strap and OpenUI5

Ui5Strap is a toolset that combines the HTML5 development toolkit OpenUI5 with the popular frontend framework Bootstrap.

OpenUI5 is made by SAP, europe's largest software company. It was created to build enterprise-ready applications that run on all devices.

Due to its enterprise nature, UI5 is very feature-rich, stable and well structured. It provides many features out of the box: MVC, internationalization, accessibility, two-way binding, declarative views, OData integration, theming, and much more.

We like the way to create apps with OpenUI5. And we love Bootstrap. That's why we created Ui5strap - to use both technologies together.

Ways of using Ui5Strap

Ui5Strap can be used in various ways:

  • As additional UI5 library that contains the Boostrap 3 components as controls.
  • As fundament for custom UI5 apps using the Ui5Strap Viewer.
  • As source for custom UI5 controls and best practices.

Ui5Strap versus SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori, respectively the sap.m library, provides a complete set of UI controls. This allows you to create enterprise-ready applications with a consistent user experience and design, without adding additional libraries.

In the opposite, Ui5Strap only comes with a minimal set of own controls. These controls only provide the basic functionality which is often needed in apps.

However, you can include the Ui5Strap Bootstrap 3 library into any Fiori project - in the same way like other UI5 libraries. And you can integrate Fiori apps and controls into your Ui5strap projects as well.

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